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Crochet Blanket

In the early 20th century we have factories that produce knitted and crochet-like garments. However, millions of people have decided to return to handmade items for both “quality” and a sense of hand-made uniqueness.

Why should you start with blanket patterns

There are many goals that any crocheter aim while participating in this activity. The most apparent goal is the hope to complete some project and get a useful item, such as a crochet blanket that may be used by a crocheter or given as gifts. However, a crochet enthusiast may hope to achieve some other goals and benefits, such as:

Relaxation: Many crocheters explain that their hobby helps them to cope with negative thoughts and feelings, such as fear or anger. After a busy day, many of us have to be doing “something” even while having rest. So, we grab the yarn and practice the fascinating craft of crocheting.

Helps reduce stress: Hobbies requiring concentration have been proven to reduce stress levels in the human body. Crocheting helps release hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, which have a positive influence on your welfare, mood and sleep quality. The repetitive movements induce a type of meditation, which has a positive effect on brain functioning and the immune system.

Lowers blood pressure: There is one more benefit for your health if you decide to join an army of crochet enthusiasts. This activity helps people to relax, but while it is lowering cortisol levels, it’s also lowering blood pressure and heart rate. That’s a win-win situation.

Improves self-worth: The act of creating practical and beautiful items significantly improves self-worth. The process of working on something useful and beautiful becomes especially enjoyable when you think about how amazing you feel when you give another person handmade crocheted item you worked so thoroughly to produce!

Enhance math skills: Some patterns, such as crochet blanket patterns, are not so easy to follow for both adults and children. In fact, a young crocheter has to follow instructions on intricate craft projects, which can positively influence a child’s math skills. That’s right! We’ll do anything to help our children’s grades improve!

Quit Smoking: This benefit seems not so obvious. However, many crocheters admit that their new hobby helped them to quit smoking. Just think about it! Many people smoke not because they really require nicotine, but because they need to keep their hands busy. So, why don’t we replace the cigarette with a crochet hook? Bad habit may simply be substituted by much more satisfying activity.

Reduce snacking: Actually, the idea is the same as in the case of smoker’s quitting. When we let our hands something else to do, we can keep them out of chips or candies we’re mindlessly snacking. As we all know sweets and chips are not very healthy for both children and adults. They lead to overweight and health issues. For that reason, it is highly recommended to grab easy crochet patterns while watching TV instead of mindlessly snacking.

Delays memory loss: A reduced chance of having a mild cognitive impairment, reduction in brain function and memory loss is a huge benefit and another reason to keep at this habit for many, many more years. Crocheting positively influences human brains, which delays the development of some health issues.

Crochet Blanket Patterns

So, what are you waiting for? Take some yarn, a crochet hook, blanket patterns and just… stop. Stop emailing, stop cooking, stop doing laundry and sit, relax and take a precious hour where you just focus on counting stitches and rows.