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Crochet baby sweaters

These days, too many expectant parents prefer not to know the gender of their child, which make personalizing an infant gift complicated because people usually choose pink and blue colors for girls and boys.

Yet, a crocheted baby sweater made of neutral color yarn can be a great way out. There’re myriads of proper ways crochet enthusiasts can make a sweater and stay true to a gender-neutral theme and, at the same time create an amazing gift that is both elegant and practical.

Even if new parents don’t know the baby’s gender, when you use a neutral yarn and pattern, they will see that you are a thoughtful friend.

If parents don’t reveal the sex of their baby, learn how to crochet a baby sweater that can make a safe and pretty gift for both a boy and a girl. Rest assured that “safe” does not mean “boring”.

Actually, you can go with any yarn except blue and pink, as well as any possible style. That leaves you with tons of modern patterns. You can select some particular style if you know that new parents love it, but other than that, the choice is yours.

Use fun colors, cool designs and so much more to inject life and energy into patterns.

If you require a hint, then, pay attention to the decor of the nursery. Modern parents prefer antique, classic and earth-friendly interiors. It might help you to select the fitting yarn, color, and texture of the infant sweater.

A crocheted organic item in beige, ivory, white, cream colors or checkerboard sweater is a safe choice for either a baby boy or a girl. If new parents are fun and extraordinary people, you might want to think outside the box. A bold bright crochet baby sweater is visually stimulating for an infant, as well as cute. Cartoon characters or unusual patterns are popular among moms with a funky personality.

Part of a Gift Basket

Crocheted baby sweater is not simply a perfect gift in itself; it’s also a great gift inside a traditional gift basket. For instance, you can put a blanket at the bottom and then add matching easy crochet baby sweater, socks, baby hat, onesie and probably a cute toy.

Experienced crocheters can consider an idea of monogramming. Naturally, you need to know the baby’s name or date of birth if you decide to put down that information.

However, there are many options available before the child gets born. The traditional (and quite complicated monogram can be “Happy Birthday”). Newbies often don’t know how to crochet an intricate monogram.

But even new crochet enthusiasts can try to add sweet symbols to a sweater, such as hearts, little bears or stars. All you have to do is to find the proper gender-neutral crochet baby sweater pattern to decorate the infant sweater.