unisex baby booties crochet pattern - preview Crochet baby booties
Unisex baby booties crochet pattern
Lace crochet bonnet pattern for newborns preview For newborn baby
Lace crochet bonnet pattern for newborns

Free crochet patterns for newborn baby

It is a great responsibility to crochet for a newborn child. From the first days of the life a baby needs clothes: set of clothes used during the christening ceremony which would fit from the age up to six month. Hats, booties, sweatshirt and trousers, bib and a dress for girls, jumpsuit and a blanket – all these preferably in one color palette and in the same style. The thread can be natural only.

Taking into account that the skin of a baby is very sensitive it is better to avoid textures for the first set of clothes and it should be better seamless. It is not difficult to make. For example, the first bonnet for a newborn is easy to make in a technique one would you for crocheting a hill of the sock. This way it will have no seams at all.

The softest are those items that are knitted in a garter stitch technique or are crocheted in a double crochet technique. You can decorate baby clothes at your own taste.

Our website offers a great number of free patterns for baby crocheting.

Crocheting for newborn baby

Double crochet technique items provide for the very thick thread which is a bit too coarse for a baby. Crotchet should be chosen in a way to allow for a flexible and soft thread as a result. In case the crotchet is smaller than is required by the specific thread, the result will be thicker than it should be

All the set of baby clothes can be crocheted.

One can make it in advance, expecting a new member of the family. The chosen hues are usually bright light – yellow, pink, blue, light green in combination with snow-white thread.

Crocheting for newborn babies is one of the most pleasant tasks, where you can set free your imagination and invest your love in your work. You can find the whole sections on our site which are devoted to crocheting for babies – those sections include patterns and recommendations on making soft and beautiful outfits for children.

Apart from clothes, bright and warm crocheted toys will also make your child happy. They are easy to make and the joy of your child is priceless.