light brown filet pattern with squares Filet
Light brown filet pattern with squares
Red filet pattern with diamond
Pink filet crochet pattern
purple filet crochet pattern with flowers Filet
Purple filet crochet pattern with flowers
lime filet crochet pattern with square Filet
Lime filet crochet pattern with square
multicolor crochet shell pattern photo Lace & Openwork
Multicolor crochet shell stitch pattern
blue filet pattern little squares Filet
Blue filet pattern little squares
filet zig-zag crochet pattern Filet
Filet zig-zag crochet pattern
light blue filet crochet pattern Filet
Light blue filet crochet pattern
purple filet pattern with squares Filet
Purple filet pattern with squares
Crochet filet pattern - Squares preview Filet
Red squares filet crochet pattern

Free Filet Crochet Patterns

Modern psychologists and doctors express the supposition that twenty-first century women often have a lot of problems with their health and private life because they lost their women’s energy. But good news is that you can use any ladies’ hobby like a pleasant treatment seeing it will make you more feminine and sensual. It will order your thoughts and play a role of a personal psychotherapist. So, let’s look at the advantages of such chic and not so difficult engagement as filet crochet.

Filet crocheting

Thus, you will need only a hook, a ball of yarn and some free time and patience for understanding the principles of work. As well, you can always find good tutor.

If you already have some experience, you just should choose the goal. Maybe, it would be something significant – clothes for adults (especially dresses, blouses and sweaters) or children (those cute tiny little booties, socks and caps), accessories (hats, capes and bags), pillows or blankets.

By the way, recently knitted swimwear became very popular. Just see the last photo session with a supermodel Adriana Lima for the brand Calzedonia. And you can make such beauty by yourself!

In case you don’t want to start a big “project” or don’t have much time – there is worthy choice of smaller wares – Christmas tree decorations (balls, angels or snowflakes), napkins, begs for cell-phone, books and diaries covers, holders for caps, cute children’s toys.

Simple Filet Crochet Patterns

The technique of this work is quite simple. When you filet crochet you get the type of fabric produced with two stitches – the chain and double crochet. Filet crochet patterns are very different – from the simple lattice to flowers, ornaments, letters and silhouettes.

There are lots of books and magazines about filet crochet. Either, in Internet you will find dozens of patterns variants. You just have to download the selected and print it out. Except ready options you may show your imagination and skill and design them by yourself. Practically any picture which can be delineated on grid paper can be interpreted into filet crochet.

Furthermore, you can keep and enjoy your creations or give them (and a little part of your talent and energy) somebody like an original present. Also you may try to “kill two birds with a one stone” and turn your hobby and way of relaxing on a small business. Without a doubt, in this work you will find only the positive sides – you don’t lose anything, just gain!