Rainbow Dress Crochet Pattern
baby delight dress Dress
Baby Delight Dress
sugar n spice dress Dress
Sugar N Spice Dress
easter dress photo Dress
Easter Dress
Green baby dress with floral sleeves preview Dress
Green baby dress pattern with floral sleeves

Crochet baby dress

Little girls use dozens of dresses before they hit school age, from lightweight airy dresses for summer days to warm garments made of angora or alpaca wool. If you’re new to the world of crochet and only learning how to crochet beautiful hand-made garments, you might be a little frightened by crochet dresses. However, patterns for beginners do exist. There are lots of projects for new crocheters incorporating all simple motifs. Start with the baby dress for newborn girl and create an entire collection of beautiful crochet dresses for your little one.

Whether you’re willing to turn your hand to a nice little baby dress for hot summer days or something more elegant for special occasions, such as a girl’s birthday, first communion, baby baptism, wedding ceremony, Christmas, Easter or any holiday, you will find precisely what you’re searching for right here. These patterns are all amazing by themselves, yet the real joy is the opportunity to put own magic into each design! Choose fun colors or follow the provided patterns – you simply can’t go wrong. Crochet infant dresses will help you to obtain some crochet experiences and practice your pathway to perfection.

Special Occasion Dresses

There’re so many lovely customs and traditions surrounding special occasions, which need beautiful dresses for little girls. Beautiful crochet baby dresses make excellent gifts. Besides, it is a special joy of crocheting an entire set for a little one. Headpiece, matching coat or sweater, socks – all these beautiful pieces can be crocheted in the same style in order to make a girl look stylish and elegant. Proper accessories complete the look for any occasion the family is celebrating.

Crocheting a Baby Dress: Tips for Beginners

If you want to crochet baby dress, you are highly recommended to consider a few tips while working on a piece of closing for a young girl.

  • First of all, remember that the choice of yarn is of utmost importance. Buy the type of thread that is appropriate for sensitive baby skin. Also, machine-washable fiber content is a real joy for busy and constantly tired new parents.
  • Try to favor lightweight yarn as these are less restrictive for little girls to wear. A little bit older infants or toddlers can feel well in weightier and chunky yarns.
  • If you are working on a dress for a newborn baby, excessively hairy or brushed threads, such as angora and mohair, should be avoided. This is very important because the pieces of yarn can be easily loosened and swallowed by a little baby.
  • For additional comfortable feel, favor a mattress stitch while working on baby dresses. Keep away from bulky stitches (for example, backstitch) because they can graze an infant’s skin.
  • The completed garment should look exceptional and be safe at the same time. Many crafters use crocheted flowers or colorful buttons and other nice-looking details. There’re myriads of embellishments available in the stores and online, but it’s better to stay away from buttons with sharp points as they can hurt a baby-girl who will be wearing the dress. For the same reason, if you need to use a ribbon, stitch it very firmly for the girl’s safety.