Crochet swimsuit for woman
Crochet Bikini with Square motifs

Lately, crochet bikinis have turned into quite popular projects in both yarn and fashion industries. That’s fair enough. Crochet patterns have become widely spread and the following obvious step is to bring hook and yarn into swimwear for women. Famous boutiques are now selling crocheted bikinis for $50 each, yet if you know how to crochet, you can simply use free crochet swimsuit patterns and make your own bikinis! You can be stylish this summer, and also you can be dressed in bikini that is absolutely unique, as you can easily craft it yourself.

Which Free Crochet Swimsuit Pattern to Choose?

You don’t have to be an expert to create your own one-piece swimsuit. Although the most complicated lace and fringe help any crocheted item stand apart as exceptional, one piece swimsuit will still be really fashionable and simple to craft for beginners. If you wish to find out how to craft the simplest bikini top or bottom, free instructions can become the best start.

How to Pick Proper Crochet Yarn for Free Swimsuit Pattern?

From graceful and alluring to fun and elegant, if you are a fan of crocheting, then working on crochet variations of swimsuits should be on your list. Most can’t be used in water – but they all look fantastic! Yet, there are some things you can do to crochet an item that is not merely beautiful, but also practical:

  • First of all, you should purchase the right type of yarn. In water, many fibers stretch, while others simply shrink up. Hence, to make a useful bikini, it is highly recommended to choose fibers that are allowable for water use, for instance, cotton thread.
  • Furthermore, buy a yarn, which is sports weight, in order that the completed project doesn’t seem bulky. You want the finished swimwear to look gorgeous, not bulky because even your cover-up won’t be able to cover it!
  • Keep in mind that you need to line the inner side of bikini top and bottom. Otherwise even the most elastic thread can become transparent or simply sag. Take a proper thin cloth and sew it into the inner side of bikini before you wear it.

Crochet bikinis for women are so popular today because girls understand that they can actually make their own unique garments. You can make your bikini even more exclusive by adding beautiful fringe, appliqués, or lace. By creating your own item, you will know that you are dressed in something exclusive when you enjoy summer days at the beach!