How to do a chain stitch

Chain (abbreviated ch) is a one of the basic crochet stitches.

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It used almost in every pattern – easy lace tunics or complex crochet dresses. That is why beginners firstly should learn how to do a chain stitch.
It enables the enthusiasts to create holey and loose fabrics. Chain stitch is commonly used in unusual and sophisticated lacy designs, particularly doilies and Irish lace.

At all crochet schemes chain symbol would appear as: circle or oval.

one chain stitch symbol

At the scheme below you can see a number of chain stitches crocheted together.

multiple chain stitches scheme

Chain stitch instruction

Create a loop with the yarn. Be sure that the free end of the yarn is dangling behind your loop.

how to do a chain stitch - step 1

Catch the yarn and pull it back through the loop.

how to do a chain stitch - step 2

One chain stitch is now complete.

how to do a chain stitch - step 3

To create more chain stitches continue this process by using the yarn over and pull through the loop techniques. Carry on until your desired chain length is accomplished.

how to do a chain stitch - step 4

Crochet hook sizes influence the length and thickness of your chain. The smaller your hook is the shorter and thinner your chain is going to be. The converse is also true: the larger your hook is the longer and thicker the completed chain is going to be.

multiple chain stitches photo


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