Crochet baby booties
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Crochet baby booties
White crochet booties pattern with colored laces

Crochet baby booties

Soft and warm, first shoes in the life of any baby crochet booties should be comfortable. Baby makes its first steps and thus it is very important that they fit its feet perfectly.

Booties are easy to crochet and this work does not require much experience. It is simply necessary to follow the scheme or video tutorial that you can find in this section of our website.

Thread type for baby booties

Choosing the thread for baby booties requires responsibility. Synthetic, acrylic and all those that are not 100% natural can make a bad service.

During the first steps, booties may slide on the floor and the baby can fall. Synthetic thread is generally not recommended for babies and your best choice here will be specialized thread for child-related products.

Newbie booties crocheting

In case you just started crocheting and would like to start with booties – don’t worry or be afraid. To crochet booties measure the foot of the child – put its wet foot on a piece of paper and draw it out with a pencil. Add 1-2cm for the convenience.

Now you have a required length – and this is where the bootie crocheting starts. First booties usually require 14 air loops and the first row of double crochets. Then you need to turn 180° and crocheting two crochets in one loop you will create a semicircle of double crochets.

Repeating this pattern several times you will form the sole of the bootie. You can control its width and length checking with the foot drawing.

On the next stage, you need to form the sides of the bootie. Here you can use your imagination and use another color of thread or make some beautiful pattern – the sides of the booties are visible.

Bootie crocheting pattern in detail shows the height of the sides. This stage is followed by the crocheting of the hill and the elevating part of the bootie. website will provide you with numerous useful and simply beautiful clothes and toy patterns for children of various ages. Check out our crocheting for children section.

Our site contains a great variety of schemes for booties crocheting that will be comprehensible even for the beginners.

Several decades ago were crocheted at the beginning of March only by Bulgarian people – this is a way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Those booties were very small and were worn like brooches on the chest – as souvenirs. “Martinitzy” was said to bring happiness. Then those booties-“martinitzy” became an example for crocheting bright, warm and beautiful booties.

Using the combinations of threads of different colors you can make bright booties – the thick and warm thread will result in warm winter booties.

At the end of work use a crotchet to fix the laces and then adjust the booties on the feet of the baby in a way that they are convenient and do not fell of when the child runs.

The baby will be happy to get such a gift. Keep those first booties as a memory.