Ridge Hat with Brim Crochet hat
Ridge Hat with Brim
Crochet hat
Everly Head Wrap
easy slouchy beret photo Crochet hat
Easy Slouchy Beret
lacy crochet kerchief photo Crochet hat
Lacy Crochet Kerchief
diamond ridges photo Crochet hat
Diamond Ridges Woman Hat Crochet Pattern
pink autumn crochet beret pattern - preview Crochet hat
Pink autumn crochet beret pattern
crochet beret pattern with flower motive - preview Crochet hat
Crochet beret pattern with flower motive
lace crochet beret pattern - preview Crochet hat
Lace crochet beret pattern
easy crochet summer hat - preview Crochet hat
Easy crochet summer hat pattern
cute crochet beret pattern - preview Crochet hat
Cute crochet beret pattern
beautiful crochet summer hat - preview Crochet hat
Beautiful crochet summer hat
crochet beret pattern with lace motive - preview Crochet hat
Crochet beret pattern with lace motive
summer lace crochet hat pattern - preview Crochet hat
Summer lace crochet hat pattern
white crochet beret pattern - preview Crochet hat
White crochet beret pattern
blue crochet hat preview Crochet hat
Blue crochet hat

Free Crochet Women’s Hat Patterns

Hat crocheting has always been and will be probably the most popular application of the crocheting technique.

First of all – it’s never too many hats – you choose one according to the style, season, and colors of your outfit.

Secondly, it is not a pleasant thing to appear on public in a hat that your friend or a friend of her friend was seen wearing. So you can take a crotchet and a skein of thread and then you can rest assured that such thing will never happen – your hat will be exclusive.

Crocheted hat is indispensable not only during heavy frosts. There are great mesh models of spring hats and a handmade bonnet perfectly fit an autumn cape. Such accessory will make an accent on personalization and good taste, will be a great final touch to the whole outfit, will create a mood and sometime will even attract attention with its special form – once it is necessary to be irresistible.

Exclusive Bonnet Crocheting

The easiest way of hat crocheting is crocheting of bonnets. The process starts from the center, moves in circles and the pattern is made taking into account loop addition on every circle. When the bonnet diameter becomes three-four centimeters bigger than the diameter of head circumference, the number of loops should be rhythmically decreased. There are numerous variations of crocheted bonnets yet those made in a simple technique of double crochet. A well-executed choice of bright and fluffy thread one can make several models of bonnets suitable for spring and autumn seasons and be fashionable at any time of the year.

Hat Crocheting for Women

When crocheting a hat for a woman one can set imagination loose and alter the pattern by integrating new elements. Women risk in creating bright images and like to experiments. Hat crocheting for women is an interesting task, that moves fast, do not require a lot of wool 100-200grams depending on a model.

But don’t forget to buy more wool for the crochet dress and scarf – it’s nice to have a whole set of handmade outfit in one colour scheme.

Check out the pages of our website and you will definitely find an idea for a new hat.