How to use a PomPom Maker

There is a very useful tool for crocheters made in Germany – plastic templates for creating pompoms.

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The design of the product is as simple as can be, even a beginner crocheter can easily figure it out. For this process, you only need the templates themselves, the threads from which the fluffy decoration will be made, and scissors.

What is a pompom maker?

The templates are made of plastic and are divided into four types by diameter. Each type of product is painted in its own color depending on the diameter:

  • 3.5 cm – green
  • 5.5 cm – pink
  • 7 cm – orange
  • 9 cm – blue

To make a half pompom, take 2 elements of the tool, to create a full-fledged pom-pom, 4 elements should be connected.


  • 4 size of balls
  • easy to use
  • very affordable
  • comes in different colors

Crocheters note the durability and reliability of these plastic products.

How to use a pompom maker

It’s very easy to work with this maker.


  • Pom pom maker
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


  • Join the elements in pairs so that the protrusions look outward. One element should be with double protrusions, the other one, with single ones.
  • Wind the thread on the joined parts in an even layer. It is desirable for the winding to be tight: you’ll get a lush and beautiful ball.
  • After winding, join the tool together, insert single protrusions inside the double ones.
  • After joining the tool together and checking the reliability of the threads fastening, perform the cutting. Cut the winding at the fold along the circumference with scissors.
  • To fasten the cut threads, the thread should be pulled between the elements of the device, the resulting ball should be tightly tied with it. After that, pull the tool apart and remove it.

Here you have the pompom of the required diameter.

The threads will stick out unevenly, so you will have to trim the product so that it has the correct spherical shape. It is not worth cutting off the fastening thread; it is useful for attaching the jewelry to crocheted clothes.

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