Vintage crochet afghan pattern 1 Afghan
Vintage afghan pattern for crocheting

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

Crochet is a very old type of handwork that takes its name from the French term for hook. This is a fun, soothing and easy to learn craft. Using the simplest free crochet patterns you can use your imagination and create many beautiful mittens, ponchos, rugs, scarves, tablecloths, and many other articles for you, your family and your home. Afghan patterns are one of the most popular in the world thanks to it’s simplisity.

Aim of Crocheting afghan patterns

The aim of crochet is quite obvious: crocheters hope to finish their projects, which are usually very practical, attractive or simply fun. The most popular objects are blankets, scarves, purses, rugs and afghan patterns. Also, you can simply add crochet motives to jewelry, socks, tablecloths and curtains. These may be ready-made items. For instance, you could purchase some tablecloths, and add a crochet edging to each. By the way, not all crochet enthusiasts bother to finish their articles. Some people simply require relaxation, and that’s one more significant benefit of this amazing craft.


Only two supplies are required to start crocheting – a hook and yarn. Although the most widely used material is crochet thread or yarn, you can use fabric, wire, or other material. All stitches in crocheting are a series of quite simple wraps of thread around the hook.

Simple Afghan Patterns

Once you’ve learned the simplest crochet stitches, you’ll wish to start working on your first real pattern. Crochet pattern is a complex of instructions for a crocheter to work on an item, or sometimes a related set of several articles. To start crocheting you need to find the most appropriate pattern, for instance, afghan pattern, and learn how to read it.

Free Afghan Patterns

Today, there are hundreds of awesome designs available for crochet enthusiasts to make, but for a beginner, they can seem scary because they look like a foreign language. In fact, patterns are traditionally written using abbreviations and terms that save lots of space and make all patterns simpler to use. For this reason, the first thing the beginner should do is learn the crochet terms and abbreviations. In case of online afghan crochet patterns you’ll always be able to find the abbreviations in the most logical place. If you are using a book or a magazine, you’ll usually locate them listed in the front or the back of the publication.

Afghan Crochet Patterns are very friendly to beginners

Today, you can find the necessary patterns in many different places. You can buy a book or a magazine in a book store. Or you can find lots of available patterns online. For instance, you can input “free crochet afghan patterns” and locate the afghan pattern that you find the most attractive.

There are many intricate types of crafts and hobbies in the world, but crocheting isn’t one of them. This activity doesn’t require any particular skills. You can complete a very simple project in one day or work on sophisticated article for weeks. Only one basic stitch and one crochet hook already enables you to create lots of items, and learning that one basic stitch is unbelievably simple.