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After Christmas, Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the US. No matter if you’re young or mature, you can have fun on Halloween. Whether it’s just a pretext to eat some sweets or a valid excuse to cosplaying again, it’s quite understandable why this holiday is so universally celebrated.

You’ll find a vast variety of free patterns for crocheting in our collection including disguise ideas, ornaments, festive crochet afghan patterns. These great Halloween patterns for crocheting will be helpful to you if you’re searching for DIY crocheted decorations. Children will be coming to your place to play
trick or treat so your home needs to look spooky.

If you’re going to throw a Halloween party, you need an exclusive attire to be sure and become the first place winner in the best costume contest; the best way to win the prize is to be wearing a unique DIY crocheted dress. And if decorating your home and yourself is not your cup of tea, we also have some amazing afghan patterns that will help you make your Halloween party unforgettable.

Crochet Halloween Decorations

Embellish your car, home, office with some of these cute Halloween crochet patterns. Are you looking for some scary stuff? Or something cuddly and lovable? In both cases, in our free crochet patterns collection, there’s everything you need for your Halloween celebration.

Crochet Halloween Costumes

If you want a bright Halloween attire, you don’t have to spend tons of cash. Check out our costumes collection, there are some amazing Halloween-themed dresses to crochet. We have Halloween costumes for both kids’ and adults, so you will find what suits you in our collection of crocheted Halloween disguises, for sure.

Crochet Afghan Patterns for Halloween

If dressing up doesn’t sound exciting to you, and perhaps you’re allergic to sweets, you can still spend the day using these Haloween-themed crochet afghan patterns. These free festive patterns for crocheting are great to use during the fall.