Tunisian crochet patterns
Multicolor Tunisian crochet pattern
tunisian crochet stitches Tunisian crochet patterns
Tunisian crochet stitches
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Ocean Wave Tunisian crochet pattern
Simple stitch for tunisian crochet patterns preview Tunisian crochet patterns
Tunisian simple stitch – crochet tutorial

Free Tunisian Crochet patterns

This crocheting technique is not widely spread yet it has a range of valuable qualities. Using Tunisian technique you create a very closely woven fabric, which is not deformed by load or long-time wearing. One more benefit of this crocheting technique is thrifty use of thread, which is an important factor when big models of clothes are created. It is not difficult to master Tunisian crocheting – one can start making simple models of bags right after first skills were obtained.

Even a teenager can crochet for him/herself lovely and fashionable models of handbags, coats, cardigans, purses and make up purses using this technique. Tunisian crocheting technique does not require expensive tools – it is performed with a crotchet without notches that resembles knitting pin. The lengths of such a pin varies from 20 to 40 cm. Modern version of such crochets has a fishing line attached to it that helps to work on the models of big sizes.


Major skills in Tunisian crocheting technique

Tunisian crocheting technique is performed only on one side of the thread – it is not turned out on the inner side. The crotchet moves progressively from the right to the left, creating a row of loops, then again from the left to the right, creating a row of wales. The loops are caught by the crotchet on the full width of the thread – the same way as when making double crochet. At the end of every odd course there should be a hanging wale to make the edges of the thread even and straight.

Free Tunisian crochet patterns for beginners

As any other crocheting technique this one allows to create various patterns of the thread. The differences of the patterns are formed when even rows are crocheted and then it depends on the attachment of the wales of the upper row to the bottom one. Tunisian crocheting technique, the patterns for which have a rich representation on our website, allows for an easy mastering of the ways to narrow or widen the thread, crochet jacquard pattern and create gentle mesh pattern. Mesh item will keep its form after multiple laundry sessions, jacquard will be expressive and dense. When you will master Tunisian crocheting technique patterns that provide for crocheting in circles, you will be able to create perfect hats – especially neat and compacted.

Many crocheting tutorials demonstrate this very technique as one of the easiest.

There is a single drawback of Tunisian crocheting technique. The thread is hard to frog – it is neatly crocheted, it is appreciated by several family generations and is inherited as a precious item. Probably, this is not a drawback, but just one more advantage.