Crochet symbols and abbreviations

Full guide with the list of crocheting symbols, abbreviations and terms used in USA.

Crochet symbols

In the era of advanced technologies, we can befriend crochet enthusiasts from across the globe. Although many crafters speak English, the majority doesn’t. English may be recognized as the language of the Web, but crocheting uses own terms.

So, what’s the common terminology of crocheting? It has to be the language that all crafters can read despite their mother tongue. Actually, it has to be both arithmetical and visual, such as crochet symbols and abbreviations.

Crochet symbols

Crochet symbols are hand drawn crochet stitches which are usually indicated in the pattern diagram for crocheting and which make a pattern when performing them in the specified sequence.

Craft Yarn Council of America (which represents the leading organizations in the industry) has adopted the uniform crochet chart symbols, abbreviations and terms, which are commonly employed in all projects.

Each crochet symbol in conjunction with other symbols makes a specific crochet stitch.

On mycrochetpattern you can find the biggest infographic of crochet symbols, abbreviations and terms.

Guide to crochet symbols

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Crochet stitch chart

Crochet stitch chart or diagram are a drawing of a specific crochet pattern which consists of crochet symbols and is performed by the crocheter in the specified sequence.

Types of crochet stitch charts:

  • Depending on your skill level:
    • For beginners
    • Easy
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Depending on the technique you follow:
    • Filet
    • Lace
    • Motif
    • Tunisian
    • Edging

Different crochet stitches for beginners

There are basic crochet stitches that are crucial for crocheting; without learning them, it is impossible to start the process. Such stitches are very easy to learn and simple to perform. These include:

  • Chain
  • Slip stitch
  • Single crochet
  • Half double crochet
  • Double crochet
  • Treble crochet

Advanced crochet stitches

For more experienced crochet masters, there are advanced crochet stitches on our website, such as:

  • Back post and front post stitches
  • Bullion stitch
  • Crab stitch
  • Picot stitch
  • Solomon’s knot stitch

This is not a complete list of the crochet stitches we cover on our web site. If you’d like to take a look at some other options, visit our page of crochet stitches. You’ll find free instructions for many other types of stitches.

Crochet terms

In crocheting, there are also certain terms that need to be remembered or printed out. Those terms are designed to make the written pattern less cumbersome and easier to read even by newbie crocheters.

* – repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as directed

** – repeat instructions between asterisk as many times as directed or repeat at specified location

{} – work instructions within brackets as many times as directed

[] – work instructions within brackets as many times as directed

() – work instructions within parentheses as many times as directed or work a group of stitches all in the same stitch or space

Common measurements

Common measurements are abbreviations denoting a specific unit in the measurement system which determines the amount of yarn, thread, etc.

” or in – inch

cm – centimeter

g – gram

m – meter

mm – milimeter

oz – ounce

yd – yard

Every country has its own measurements, however, crochet masters need to clearly distinguish and translate them.

Common English (American) abbreviations

I use US Crochet Terminology in all my patterns.Knowing and considering this, you can easily translate any crocheting pattern into the language you need.

In addition, our platform offers you several options for crochet abbreviations in different languages, such as:

  • British
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • International

Reading crochet diagram

In crocheting, the master’s ability to read diagrams – drawings that depict patterns – is important too.

Beginners should memorize a few tricks for reading diagrams:

  • Basic information
    • Title — it gives you an idea of what this pattern is for: scarf, blouse, booties
    • Difficulty level will show you what kind of crocheter this pattern is designed for – beginner, experienced or advanced one
    • The finished product size will show you how much the finished result will suit you. Clothing patterns can contain several sizes.
    • List of necessary materials, for example what type of yarn and hook to choose to completely create the pattern
  • Abbreviations and Terms
    • Gauge is used to check if you have chosen the right hook and yarn. Crochet a small piece of the pattern and look at the sizes indicated in the diagram: if they are larger, take a hook of a smaller size, if they are smaller, take a hook of a larger size.
    • Check all the symbols and abbreviations, it’s best to study in advance all the unfamiliar ones.
    • Check all the terms
  • Pattern drawing
    • Determine the way of crocheting — in the round, in rows
    • Start by doing the chain stitch — the fundamental row
    • Follow the rows carefully, and if necessary, use a marker or a row counter
    • Complete the work as shown in the diagram. Check the finishing steps provided in your pattern to determine if the project needs to be sewn together or blocked. The finishing steps will often advise you about how to add accessories as well, such as buttons or ribbon.

Crochet hook sizes

We have metric, US and UK hook sizes. In all my patterns I use metric hook sizes. But if you are used to using US or UK hook sizes, I don’t want you to miss out and become totally confused.

Metric diameter UK US
2.25 mm 13 B-1
2.75 mm C-2
3.25 mm 10 D-3
3.5 mm 9 E-4
3.75 mm F-5
4 mm 8 G-6 (Boye G-6 is 4.25mm)
4.5 mm 7
5 mm 6 H-8
5.5 mm 5 I-9
6 mm 4 J-10
6.5 mm 3 K-10.5
8 mm 0 L-11
9 mm 00 M/N-13
10 mm 000 N/P-15
15 mm P/Q
16 mm Q

If you would like a printer-friendly version of the Crochet Hook Size and Abbreviations chart, feel free to save the image below to your computer. You can do that by right-clicking on the image and choosing Save Image As…

Printable crochet stitch guide in pdf

All patterns, guide, scheme and tutorial are free at the MyCrochetPattern. To download in pdf you do not need to register on the site – just press the button below.


If you have any questions regarding how to crochet, how to use hooks or how to open a pdf scheme and how to read it – go to the section for beginners.

Video tutorial

Our YouTube channel already has many tutorial videos and a large community of followers. Feel free to visit our channel, sign up and we will be happy to share new patterns, lessons, master classes, guides, absolutely for free.

See more video tutorial on our youtube channel


…and learn the step by step tutorial on how to make it easily and fast.

Crochet books

There are a lot of cool specialists who teach crocheting (exactly how to crochet various stitches, how to read patterns). And we are happy to share links to the best crochet books with you.

We hope that they will help you begin your fascinating journey into crocheting. And if you are an advanced crocheter, then they will help you find something new, and improve your skills even more.

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