How to take measurements for crocheting

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Many crocheters get frustrated, not knowing that there is an easy way to take measurements to determine the number of stitches in a row.

Calculate the distance from the 7th cervical vertebra: Verification

Height 156 to 161 cm: 39.5 cm Draw a waistline through the resulting point and put an elastic band or lace on it The waistline is approximately at the elbow level

Height 162 to 167 cm: 41.0 cm

Height 168 to 173 cm: 42.5 cm

Height 174 to 179 cm: 44.0 cm

Rules for taking measurements for crocheting

For the selected product to fit your body best, you should take measurements before starting to crochet:

  1. Neck thickness: it is measured around the circumference at the lower, widest part of the neck.
  2. Chest: to find out its girth, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of the chest. In this case, the person who is being measured must stand upright, keeping their back straight.
  3. Waist: a measuring tape should be wrapped around the narrowest part of the waist of a person standing upright.
  4. Hips: measure the circumference of the widest part of the lower abdomen with a tape.
  5. Sleeves: to find out their length, a person should slightly bend their arm at the elbow. The assistant should start the measuring tape first from the shoulder to the elbow, then to the desired end of the sleeve on the wrist.
  6. Back: to measure the width, the tape should be started at the height of the shoulder blades from the right axillary fossa to the left; to find out its length, the distance from the prominent vertebra on the back of the neck to the waist should be measured.
  7. Shoulder: find out its length by starting a tape to its middle, measuring the distance from the bottom of the neck to where the armhole should be.
  8. Wrist thickness: it should be measured at the base of the hand.
  9. Head: for crochet hats, the arc along the middle of the forehead should be measured.

After taking measurements, you need to crochet a trial version and find out the number of stitches in a row, and the number of rows in the product with its help. And now, after the basic calculation, you just need to calculate how much yarn is required to create the project.

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