Unique crochet patterns from different parts of the world

There is a great number of unique crochet patterns that was accumulated for the centuries. The secrets were passed from grandmothers to grandchildren and were held sealed in many countries. There are famous designs by Archangelsk and Baltic artists and beautiful patterns coming from Norway and South America, Japan and Australia. The patterns were most widely and fast spread via the Internet. The Internet allowed artists from different countries to communicate and share experience – and our site is a treasury of information on various crochet patterns. We can also provide counseling and assistance of our artist via the contact form.

Free crochet patterns

Patterns are crocheted according to the scheme. Any pattern is a consecutive combination of techniques and elements that in the end create a complete picture as a design of the thread. The patterns can be colorful – those are made out of thread of various colors and hues, and textured – where the elements differ in density. Various techniques are used for texture elements – padded column, air loops, crochet down stepping one or two rows etc. As a result the thickness, density and volume of the thread vary and create a pattern. Once you figure out the basics of crocheting, there would be no limit in creating your own beautiful dress or hats. Crocheting is so simple that you can do it with your children. It would be a great experience to crochet scarf or sweater with your daughter.

Why do we share the best crochet patterns for free

For a few years we have gathered the best crochet patterns to make fantastic things for ourselves and for our family. Sometimes it was easy and fun, sometimes it was hard because people don't usually share the top designs. A lot of the schemes on this site, we have created from the scratch. We would love to share a knowledge of creating new patterns with you either. We managed to find a lot of old but awesome crochet designs in different printed books and magazines. So you will have a chance to download them from mycrochetpattern.com. We see that all this knowledge can be useful for other people. All patterns on this site are free to download and use. It's our opportunity to make the world a little bit brighter, to help people in their search for something new.

Why the crocheting patterns are so easy to read

There are several major rules for the quick crochet patterns reading – and they are necessary to know. Let’s look into most important of those:

  • All the crocheting patterns are read in two ways: from the center to periphery when crocheting round items and upwards, moving from the bottom part of the pattern and changing the direction of reading
  • Odd rows are read from the right side to the left, even – vise versa
  • Circular rows should be counted counter clock-wise taking into account row numbering
  • There are patterns where the rows are marked with different colors to ease the reading
  • Rapport order is a repeating part of the pattern. It is usually marked by the arrows or stars and there is given a number of loops that make it
  • Our site offers you a great number of free patterns for crochet. You can also ask for a counsel of our specialists on difficult crocheting patterns.

Easy crochet patterns

For the start in crocheting it is better to make a choice of simple and comprehensive pattern. When you will grab the skill of simple patterns it will be easier to master more complicated ones. In case you start with a more complicated pattern from the beginning it is easy to get disenchanted making mistakes on several levels. Simple patterns often look the same great way - the welts our grandmothers were making on the sheets serve as a great example of that. The simplest patterns crocheted of the light cotton threads look great on summer clothes. Our site can offer you a great variety of ancient and modern crochet patterns – from the simplest to the unbelievably complicated that call for skill in crocheting and scheme reading. For the first years of crocheting it will be necessary to master such techniques as:

  • Openwork
  • Irish crocheting
  • Tunisian crocheting
  • Fillet crocheting

Once you’ve chosen a scheme it is necessary to define whether it is round or rectangular. It is also necessary to understand the legend (map symbols) – we will teach you how to read it in a section of “Crocheting for the beginners”.