mini galaxy of change photo Blanket
Mini Galaxy of Change Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
VW Van Pillow Crochet Pillow
VW Van Pillow Crochet Pattern
Daisy Filet Throw pattern Blanket
Daisy Filet Throw
Ella the Elephant and her Boyfriend Crochet Toys
Ella the Elephant and her Boyfriend
Origami Flower Beautiful crochet flowers
Origami Flower
Corner to Corner C2C Corner Start Tutorial
Beautiful crochet flowers
Sunflower Circle Block
pinwheel pillow photo Crochet Pillow
Pinwheel Pillow
bunny-slope-baby-ribbon-photo Crochet Toys
Bunny Slope Baby Ribbon/Ring Teether
stir me up potholders photo Crochet potholder
Stir Me Up Potholders
lilliana photo Blanket
Lilliana Crochet Blanket
sunflower dishcloth photo Crochet dishcloth
Sunflower Dishcloth
trinket bowl - photo Crochet bowl
Trinket Bowl
owl pillows photo Crochet Pillow
Owl Pillows
autumn berry flower photo Beautiful crochet flowers
Autumn Berry Flower
newborn guinea pig - photo Crochet Toys
Newborn Guinea Pig
lollipop dishcloth photo Crochet dishcloth
Lollipop Dishcloth
demelza photo Blanket
Demelza Blanket Crochet Pattern
flower potholders photo Crochet potholder
Flower Potholders
filigree bowl - photo Crochet bowl
Filigree Bowl
starflower mandala photo Crochet Doily
Starflower Mandala Doily Crochet Pattern

Crochet Patterns for the Home and decor

When it comes to home accents, it’s the tiny handmade home decoration things that turn a dull and emotionally cold apartment into a cozy and comfortable place. Wall colors, furniture and lights are important, but the real feel of home starts with the crocheted decorations, such as nice toys, warm rugs, and fluffy blankets.

If you’re moving into another apartment and starting all over again, or simply trying to decorate your current place, crochet patterns for home décor will provide you with creative thoughts for amazing details you can craft.

Crochet décor actually adds style to an apartment – from sweet and fun to sophisticated and exclusive. On this website you’ll be able to locate many patterns for any room in an apartment. Make a blanket or afghan to give a bedroom a stylish look, soften the appearance of your bathroom by making a toilet lid and tank cover, use free curtain and tablecloth patterns.

Amigurumi – Sharp Intake of Breath

Amigurumi has been the major trend in the world of crochet for several years, offering a pleasant and refreshing change for those crafters who are tired of simple blankets, socks and skirts. Amigurumi is the Japanese approach that literally ties the term “ami”, meaning to crochet, with “nuigurumi”, meaning stuffed animal or doll.

It’s so simple to fall in love with these DIY home decorations. The most popular amigurumy patterns are animals, birds and insects, so you can use online patterns in order to decorate the entire apartment with different toys. Children will be the most devoted admirers of your craft. Baby boys and girls are sure to love little bunnies, lions, bears, pandas and many other animals. Amigurumi crochet toys are great for children of all ages.

You may think that amigurumi is a complicated technique. Not at all! Amiguruni projects are not only cute, they’re really simple. If you know how to crochet in rounds, you can make a new stuffed toy every day. Don’t be shocked if you get hooked on amigurumi.

Crochet Decorations as Gifts

There are myriads of crochet household decorations that can be used as nice and practical gifts to close friends or family members. Pay attention to the preferences of your friends: you can’t go wrong with the presents if they are especially tailored to fit the gift recipient. For example, if you friend likes to cook and spend time in the kitchen, beautiful kitchen towels can make a great gift. Choose the colors that match the kitchen décor to make the crochet project really special. And when it’s the holiday season make pumpkin, snowflake or bunny mug hugs and give them to your coworkers.

Affordable Crocheted Home Decorations

Contrary to sewing and similar crafts, crochet does not require expensive or rare materials. All you need is a set of hooks and a ball of yarn and you are ready to create own set of beautiful home decorations. Soon you’ll understand that any pattern can be bookmarked and applied over and over again. Whether you choose stylish afghan, warm crochet mug hug or amigurumi toy – each and every crochet piece of decor can become a perfect basis for your future projects.

Crocheting Home Decorations

Making accessories for your home by hand provides so much joy. Every piece of decor that you craft personally is one-of-a-kind, which makes you want to work on home items even more. Consider this: whenever you invite your friends, you want your apartment to look great. Of course, this presupposes choosing the proper decor. Many crochet enthusiasts usually don’t want their homes to look the same every day of the year when it’s so much fun to get rooms “dressed up”. If you purchase everything you like, you might feel that you have to get something new for every occasion. However, when you have one-of-a-kind afghan that you have made by hand, you will gladly use this piece of decor over and over again. No matter if people have seen it before, they will comment on the cute crochet item, and you’ll feel confident demonstrating your apartment.

Durable Crochet Home Decorations

Not simply will you get more use out of crochet decorations than you would with purchased items, but you’ll also learn how to craft items that are very durable. Home-made items will definitely last longer than the purchased ones, even after washes in a washing machine, as long as you make certain to work with special washable yarn. So, you’ll want to use the same decor again and again and the crotchet items will last long enough, saving you money many times over.

Holiday Crochet Patterns

It’s so much fun to work on handmade holiday decorations since you can create anything you want: from welcoming wreaths and calorie free crochet cakes to hilarious tissue box covers, your apartment will be feeling fun and festive with crochet decoration. In particular, you can add something special to your Christmas tree with handmade crochet ornaments. Christmas tree and wreath, snowflakes, Santa Claus, elves, snowmen, Easter bunnies, Thanksgiving pumpkin – these are the most popular holiday crochet item, and you can make them in many special ways. And don’t forget about well-loved Easter baskets; they’ll never get old. Once you’ve made your first decorations, you’ll have a desire to craft new ones again and again to fill the apartment with the crafty love.

When the season changes you start noticing new crochet colors when looking at your favorite yarns. It’s time to take your crochet hooks and craft the proper fun patterns. You will be crafting household decorations from your heart and nothing gets better than that.