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Poncho is a popular sleeveless piece of clothing that has unsewn sides and a hole for a head. They say ponchos were initially created in South America along the Andes Mountains. Also, it’s an important part of Mexican culture along with the iconic Sombrero.

Today, many people wear ponchos every day irrespective of the weather. In cold winter months, it adds an additional layer of warmth, and on warm days it’s airy and stylish. In addition, baby crocheted ponchos are ideal for dressing children who won’t remain still or get irritated by too narrow or itchy garments.

Ponchos Tell Stories

Originally, the poncho was a warm outer piece of clothing designed to protect people from rain and wind. They say it was designed by the ancient tribes of South America. Early ponchos were heavy and thick garments made of a lama, alpaca, sheep, and vicuna wool. Created from one large piece of fabric with an opening in the center for a head, poncho hangs from the shoulders and leaves arms uncovered.

The origin of the word “poncho” remains unknown. While the majority of historians agree that the term derives from Quechua punchu, there are authors who think that it might come from Mapuche’s language pontro, meaning a blanket.

Actually, in different Argentinean papers, the words “poncho” and “frazada” (blanket) are applied to designate one and the same piece of clothing.
The color, size, shape, and texture are the distinguishing characteristics of different communities, where poncho is recognized as a traditional garment. In many countries, ponchos are made of silk and wool and are used as luxury garments.

Cute Crochet Baby Ponchos

What can be cuter than an infant in a little poncho? Many free baby crochet poncho patterns in various colors, styles, forms, and shapes, suitable for both girls and boys are perfect to help an infant feel cozy and look great.

Start perfecting the craft as you learn how to crochet an infant poncho, which you’ll be able to put on your baby. They’re nice as a gift and as a means to practice getting the hang of crocheting. Look for baby poncho patterns that match your style. Step outside the box and add unusual “ingredients” to your baby poncho. Use your favorite colors, add some personal touches, such as a beautiful edging – you can’t go wrong with these crocheted patterns for infant ponchos.

If you are a visual learner (many crocheters are), pay attention to our video tutorial. The crochet video tutorials will walk you through the process of crocheting a baby poncho step by step. You will also learn how to decorate any project in order to make it special and unique.

When you are done with the project you may want to add something to it to make it more personal and unique. The easiest and most sophisticated way to adorn baby poncho is to add an appropriate edging.

Even the simplest edging adds a finished look to any crochet baby poncho and it’s really simple to do even if you are an inexperienced crocheter. It’s a fast and reliable way to add a border to any piece of clothing.