Crocheting and motifs

Crochet motifs may be recognized as a significant part of crochet history. The most well-known instance of the crochet motif is a granny square. It’s the basic example of crochet and a granny square afghan (usually dating back many generations) may be found in nearly every family.

A motif is, in fact, a crocheted element that can be joined with the same motifs to create a large project. Motifs cam be crocheted in all possible styles and shapes:

  • squares
  • circles
  • triangles
  • octagons
  • diamond
  • hexagons
  • diamond
  • spiral
  • octagons
  • freeform

It’s impossible to enumerate all crochet motif patterns because they come in all shapes, forms, sizes, and colors. Pay attention to the fact that crochet motifs are usually named “granny squares” as a group, yet a granny square is a particular motif.

Four Major Reasons to Love Motifs

These little items are the genuine quick wins. Many crocheters, especially the new crafters, need to see the completed project to fuel their inspiration. Every small motif is a completed crocheted piece. You see these small pieces and understand how to crochet the entire project.

Motifs can become perfect summer projects. Even the most dedicated crafters prefer not to work in summer. The reason is quite simple: it’s too hot to keep a fluffy and warm project on your knees. Motifs are a great solution to the dilemma.

Motifs are portable. Sometimes you want to take your project with you when you go outside. Motifs are usually small and fit simply into a purse. You always have something to do when you are on a lunch break or at son’s football practice. Motifs are very convenient and allow you to make projects quicker.

Motifs are a real finding for a new crocheter. You can combine in any way you want to create all sorts of amazing projects. By applying dissimilar weights and sorts of thread, you can create many looks and uses for free crochet motif patterns.

Ways to Join Motifs

Motifs may be tied with one another in one of the traditional ways, such as by a hook or by a needle. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways for combining two or more items. It depends on your preferences. Try the classic ways and pick the one that you are more comfortable with. Combining pieces with a needle is quite simple, and a hook gives additional embellishment opportunities. You can choose single crochet, chains or slip stitch to unite your items. Any decision can influence the decorative effect.

What Can Be Done With Them?

The best thing about motifs is that these tiny pieces of crochet may be turned into any project. Think about items that you can craft as a solid piece of crocheting; any of these items can be created by joining the crocheted motifs together:

  • afghans
  • blankets
  • wall hangings
  • shawls
  • rugs
  • totes
  • purses
  • table mats
  • doilies
  • tablecloths
  • wraps
  • table runners
  • bedspreads
  • towels
  • scarves
  • pillows

This is only the short list of the things you can craft using motifs. In fact, the completed project depends on the thread. Items made with the use of medium weight thread would make stylish doilies, tablecloths, table runners, bedspreads and airy shawls. Weight yarns can be used for gorgeous wraps and scarves, and light or medium weight yarns can make an eye-catching throw, coverlet or bed runner. Warm weight thread can even make a perfect cozy rug.

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