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Free crochet toy patterns

Are you new to crocheting? Need suggestions about how to crochet a toy? Then you’re in the right place! We have some useful advice and free crochet patterns for you. It’s always hard to start but worry not: even if you’re a beginner you will everything you need here.

Every detail is important: you need to pick the right kind of yarn and to follow all the steps recommended by crocheting experts.

Remember that all the baby toys are single crocheted in rounds, so it’s crucial to use stitch markers.

Choose yarn

When picking yarn for your crocheted baby toy, you should pay attention to the following things: its fiber contents, texture, and thickness. Yarn choice a very personal thing, of course, but it’s recommended to use acrylic because it’s washable since we’re talking about baby toys that will get dirty very often :)

It’s not recommended to use a textured yarn, especially if you’re a newbie. And please don’t choose a yarn which is too fine.

Find a free crocheting pattern

You can find many free patterns on our blog. We have hundreds of adorable animals and cute dolls patterns for you. Just imagine how happy your kid will be when they see a lovely owl or bear made for them with lots of love.

Start working on your project

To tie a slipknot, find the end of your yarn and, a couple of centimeters from its end, twist the yarn around two fingers. Then, pull a piece of yarn through to create a loop and pull up on the loop to tighten it. Then, slip your hook into the loop and here we are, ready to start.

To make a chain, wrap your yarn over the hook and pull it through the loop that is already on your hook. Do it one more time so you have two chains, and insert your hook into the first chain. Wrap your yarn over the hook and pull it through the chain. You’ll have two loops on your hook. Wrap your yarn over the hook once again and pull it through both loops. This is one single crochet. Now, we’re going to do five single crochets in the same chain.

Now, we’re ready to use the stitch marker to mark the beginning of the next round. Put the marker around the loop that’s on your hook, and when you make your first single crochet it’ll stay in the stitch. We’re going to make two single crochets in each stitch for this round, so the circle will keep increasing in size. You’re going to have a total of twelve single crochets.

You’ll know you’ve reached another round when you get back to your stitch marker. Now, you can take the stitch marker out and put it on the loop that’s on your hook and mark the beginning for the next round. For this round, we’re going to do one single crochet in the first stitch and then two single crochets in the next stitch and then repeat this pattern all the way around. When you get back to your stitch marker you’ll have a total of 18 stitches.

This is how to start creating your adorable baby toy.