Crochet Bikini with Square motifs

This simple crochet tutorial will help you to learn how to Crochet Swimsuit with Square motifs.

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Skill level

  • Easy

Helpful Tutorials and Guides

What do you need to crochet this project?

  • Crochet hook size 2.5 mm

Tips for beginners:

  • Fiber type: 100% acrylic

Tips for beginners:

  • Scissors
  • Stitch/place markers

Need help?

These tips might answer your questions:

How to crochet Swimsuit

Crochet 24 square motifs.

Bikini top

First work 2 loose cups. Then work the cups together.

Cup (2 pieces): Work 34 loose chain stitches and crochet cup (schemes 4).

Bikini Panties

The panties are worked in double crochets. You start at the top of the front piece and work through to the back piece in one go.

Work 105 chain stitches.


Stitch abbreviations used in this crochet

If you still have questions regarding what those symbols mean or how to read them, please take a look at our epic guide of Crochet symbols and abbreviations.

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