How to do a Y-stitch

Y-stitch is a one of the basic crochet stitches.

two double crochet crossed stitch (y-shape)

Y-stitch - preview

At all crochet schemes Y-stitch symbol would appear as:

Y-stitch - symbol

At the scheme below you can see a stitches of Y-stitch.

Y-stitch - stitches scheme


Y-stitch instructions

Skip the first six chains from the hook. Yarn over twice and insert your hook in the seventh chain under the back loop.

Y-stitch - step 1

Work one treble crochet. Chain one stitch, yarn over and insert your hook in the treble crochet under the lower loops.

Y-stitch - step 2

Work one double crochet.

Y-stitch - step 3

Yarn over twice and repeat the preceding steps inserting the hook in the third chain of the previous row.

Y-stitch - step 4

Repeat the process skipping two chains.

Y-stitch - step 5


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how to do a Y-stitch - infographic


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