Easy crochet sweater pattern

Simple handmade easy crochet sweater pattern is a great gift to a close person or to yourself.

easy crochet sweater - preview

At Mycrochetpattern you can find easy to understand tutorial on how to crochet this beautiful sweater, techniques used, necessary thread and hooks and video guide for this crochet pattern.

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Skill level:


Materials used

Crochet hook #3
Yarn: 450-550 g yarn

Easy crochet sweater pattern

easy crochet sweater - pattern

Stitch abbreviations used in this easy crochet sweater pattern

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

tr trc – triple treble crochet

4 dc tog – 4 double crochet together


Other pictures

easy crochet sweater - photo

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4 responses to “Easy crochet sweater pattern”

  1. Marilyn Maloney says:

    why can’t I just pull up the pattern without going though all the other sites. I really would like to make this sweater but I don’t know how to g Could someone help me.et it.

    • OlyaCroch says:

      Sorry for the trouble
      The downloadable pdf version will be available shortly

  2. Marilyn Maloney says:

    how do I get the full printed pattern for this sweater?

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