Shawl has been the most feminine item of the women’s wardrobe for several centuries. Compact, warm and tender mesh, bright or modest monotone, hemmed or not, triangular, semicircle or oval – all types of shawls attract attention, keep a woman warm and embellish her.

During long winter evenings crocheting a shawl for a mom or grandma can be a pleasant pass-time. The crotchet creates intricate patterns, crafty and artistic talents are embodied in a beautiful and a useful shawl.

Various crocheted shawls

A shawl can tell a lot about its owner. So the choice of a shawl should not be spontaneous. The wardrobe should be balanced and a shawl should fit your style of clothing to keep up with the general image. White shawl with lace motive will fit a young girl, burgundy red with tassels will fit for a beautiful woman theater visit, and an elderly woman will most likely prefer a warm lightweight wool shawl – to keep her warm and not overloaded with heavy clothes. Crocheted shawls are signs of good taste and an image of a woman gets less spectacular without the one.

Shawl crocheting for beginners

It is better to start crocheting some simple model. You can choose one on our website. Usually the recommendations on the choice of the thread, crotchet and amount of thread (based on its weight and the lengths of a thread in a bundle) are attached to the pattern, yet there are some exceptions. And of course you can choose the thread of the required quality yourself.

Take into account that crocheting of one shawl should not become your task of couple of years and thus the simplicity of the pattern will have a positive effect on the speed of work.

Shawl crochet patterns

On our website you can choose any shawl crocheting pattern you like for free and save in on a paper or safe data carrier in order not to search for it again in case there will be a pause in work – it is not possible to make a shawl in a couple of days. For the start make a trial piece 10 x 10 cm in order to understand the pattern and make a calculation for the shawl size. Most often the shawls are 180 cm x 90cm, although the size is to be chosen according to the height and arms’ lengths. Once the calculation is done you can set to work.

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