Step by Step Tutorial: How to Crochet for Beginners

Although crocheting might not seem really promising, the opportunities are fantastic if you give a hook a chance. Follow these steps to find out how to crochet for beginners and soon you’ll be working on real projects like a professional.

How to choose yarn

To begin with, pay attention to your hooks and thread. There are myriads of yarn you may simply buy these days. The type of fiber you choose will be conditional on the kind of item you are crocheting. In any case a beginner should use simple acrylic or cotton thread. Beginners crochet with whole-colored yarn so that as they are learning, they can see every stitch.

Learning How to Crochet for Beginners with the Right Hooks

The following step is choosing the proper size of your crochet hook. Today, each type of thread has a convenient tag on it. The tag will tell you, which size hook to choose. If you are wondering how to start and have no hooks at all, simply buy the hook that the thread you would want to work with advises.

Tip for dummies: typically, the thinner the thread, the thinner the hook will have to be.

There are lots of tutorials that teach new crochet fans two easy ways of holding a hook. Grasping the hook improperly may lead to severe cramps. If you are only getting to know how to crochet you have a chance to learn all the approaches by following simple video lessons. It’s as if your teacher is sitting there beside you teaching you crocheting step by step.

Fundamental Chain Stitch

Each crochet item starts with a fundamental chain stitch (abbreviated as “ch” in instructions if you don’t know how to read crochet patterns). Fundamental chain always starts with a slip knot. Actually, there are a few ways of crocheting a slip knot. For example:

  • Use thread to make a loop.
  • Insert the hook through it and pull the tail end of the yarn.
  • Pull thread through and up onto the working area of your hook.
  • Pull the free end of the thread to tighten a loop, thus, creating a slip knot.

After you’ve managed to crochet a slip knot, yarn over (abbreviated as “yo”). All you have to do is to wrap the thread over the hook. Turn the hook till it’s facing down. Pull the thread through the loop, creating a chain. Proceed till your preferred chain length is achieved. As simple as that!

Getting started is the most difficult part, but when the chain is mastered, the rest will go smoothly. You’ll be prepared to practice more elaborated stitches before you know it.

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