On a frosty winter day when snowflakes glitter in the rays of sunlight a warm crocheted sweater will not only keep you warm but will also add to your good mood during you walk in the fresh air. And don’t forget your cute crochet hat!

Crocheted sweaters for women

Crocheted sweaters have always been very popular among girls and women and were especially practical. Sweater is a part of one’s wardrobe that is never odd and perfectly suits any style of clothing.

Crocheted sweaters can stress out the exquisite lines of the girl’s figure and keep her neck warm due to the standup collar. Such a sweater model will allow to leave top buttons of the jacket of a coat unbuttoned and your throat will not be affected by the cold weather.

Crocheted sweaters for women can be of various models, types and tailoring. Long sweaters will most often fit together with jeans or trousers while short and tiny ones will be perfectly combinable with skirts. Sweet fashion-mongers most often pay attention to the elongated sweaters which are in fact sweater-dresses or tunicas.

Color pallet for the sweaters for women is so diverse that every fashion-monger can choose whatever fits to her style and color of the eyes. Apart from monotone models there are those that bear a pattern. Sweaters with deer or fur-tree patterns are especially popular around the New Year time. Warm clothes creates festive mood even before the actual celebration comes.

What type of thread is used for sweater crocheting?

From the dawn of days it has been considered that a sweater must be made of natural wool or wool blend. This trend is still alive today yet quite often natural materials are substituted with artificial or synthetic. However, we should not forget that clothes made of natural materials keeps warmth during cold winter times much better. Most often the sweaters are made of sheep wool or cashmere threads. Nevertheless sweaters crocheted of cotton, linen or silken thread keep their top-position in the world of contemporary fashion.

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