Free crochet dress patterns for women

Knitting of a beautiful dress is not an easy work. It is simplier to buy a ready-made thing, or order it from the sewing master or from knitting studio, but in this case you will not get pleasure from the fascinating work. Skilled masters of crocheting know what I mean.

You are in a great originative process during creating your own thing and matching it to your figure, and sometimes you even do not notice how fast time can be. Besides crocheting is very exciting work.

In this category we gathered beautiful crochet dress patterns from all over the world. Download a free pdf instruction with a beginners guide on how to crochet the dress of your dream.

Benefits of a crocheted dresses

We wear the dress in our everyday life, launder it and sit in it in the office, stretching a stockinet all the time. But every knitter can say you that stockinet will be strong and will not stretch from the long sitting, if it crocheted. It can not be said about the dress knitted with needles. So if you have enough experience and skill, you should choose a dress knitted with a hook.

Crocheted summer dress

Version of a dress for summer, which is usually made of cotton or linen thread, often looks festively. It is elegant and airy, knitted with using of lace and openwork pattern. Crocheted summer dress is often put on the cover of light fabric of the same color as the knitting yarn.

Model of a dress looks more modern, if we combine knitted fabric with a cloth, for example for pockets, or if we tie fluffy skirt with the top of fabric. In this case flight of fancy will not be in vain.

Composotion of knitted handbag and knitted swimsuit will look great with the summer dress.

Crocheted beach dressfor ladies

Crocheted beach dress looks very unusual and original in the resort. You need only a thin string for this dress. It should not be hot in it. Crocheted beach dress looks great with a straw hat, lace shawl, a basket of fruit and shoes without a heel. You can supplement the image of the girl-cottager or girl on vacation with a bouquet of wildflowers. What man will miss such a woman?

Free pattern of a crocheted dress

Scheme for knitting a crocheted dresses typically provides us with detailed information about the quality, the length of the filament in the clew, and the required number of clews. You can create an exclusive masterpiece with your own hands, if you follow the recommendations of our resource of needlework. You should launder a crocheted dress gently and dry it on a flat surface without pulling it on a hanger. Ironing is contraindicated for knitted things, because it destroys the pattern and volume of a thing. If you care in proper way, a crocheted dress or sundress will serve you more than one season, delighting you with a comfortable conditions for the body and bringing the joy of its beauty.

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